David Hodgson

Senior Associate

Areas of expertise


David works with businesses, and all levels of government advising on a wide range of matters including enterprise bargaining, managing employee conduct, termination of employment, industrial disputes, restructures / transfer of business and compliance with industrial relations legislation.

David’s background as an industrial relations consultant for a peak national employer organisation equips him with a deep understanding of the compliance and bargaining framework.


David regularly advises clients on all matters associated with:

a) enterprise bargaining including strategy and dispute resolution, responding to industrial action, preparing enterprise agreements and compliance with mandatory approval requirements; and

b) compliance with industrial legislation, modern awards and enterprise agreements.

David’s experience in enterprise bargaining is diverse ranging from industries such as the performing arts where a collaborative, ‘hands on’ approach ‘at the table’ is required to bridge the gap between employee expectations and external funding constraints to large, unionised workforces such as mining working with ‘in-house’ experts providing sophisticated, high pressure services where the consequences of industrial action are greater.

David regularly deals with complex, compliance arrangements including disputes over remuneration such as Aggregated Allowances in the rail industry and interpreting complex employment arrangements to provide an easy to understand comparison analysis to assist clients with their bargaining objectives. David also recently provided the advice and strategy to a peak industry body for the transition of its members to the modern award system.

David holds a Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training and provides industrial relations training to industry body members.

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