Maria Ray


Areas of expertise


Maria works with financial institutions, mercantile agents and insolvency practitioners in the areas of mortgage default, debt recovery and insolvency in the Magistrates, Supreme and Federal Courts in both the Tasmanian and Victorian jurisdictions.


Maria’s focus is on providing efficient and timely service to clients to achieve the best outcome possible.

Maria has worked in the legal industry for over 35 years and specialises in commercial litigation with extensive experience in drafting documents for lodgment with the Courts.

She has experience in:

  • the application process for the possession of property which are subject to default;
  • claims and writs in the recovery of debts;
  • enforcement processes, including warrants to seize and sell property;
  • garnishee proceedings to seek recovery of debts through employers; and
  • judgment summonses.

Maria is responsible for the day to day management of mortgage default, bankruptcy and winding up proceedings and also assists with testator family maintenance claims.

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