Technology & Intellectual Property

We support a broad range of providers and users of technology and intellectual property (IP) to achieve their business objectives in a variety of industry sectors. We have deep experience in agreement negotiation, advice and disputes with organisations in industries as disparate as financial services, social services, government, energy, healthcare, telecommunications, education, logistics, aviation and mining.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that their objectives are met in the most efficient manner – whether that means taking a lead role on the project, working as an extension of a client’s in-house legal or commercial team, or providing advice and support to in-house teams on a “second chair” basis.

Several members of our team have worked in house in senior positions both at suppliers and customers giving them an invaluable understanding of the need to manage commercial imperatives with risk. Our team’s extensive experience also means they have a thorough understanding of several industry’s operating environments including their regulatory obligations which allows them to efficiently accommodate these requirements while achieving that client’s objectives. 

Our Technology and IP team specialises in supporting clients in respect of all aspects of their technology and IP transactions including the following: 

  • Outsourcing – Complex technology and business process outsourcing agreements, whether delivered traditionally or via the cloud (private or public) in a range of industries including government, financial services and energy.
  • System Integration – Complex system integration projects often involving the introduction of enterprise resource planning systems incorporating software and systems from large vendors like SAP and Oracle.
  • Licensing – Technology licensing in a variety of industries including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, engineering and software licensing and support agreements, whether via a direct licensing or “as a service” model.
  • Project Remediation – Restructuring of existing technology projects, whether as a consequence of expiry of term or change in commercial direction. Often this involves advising on the remediation of projects which are in dispute.
  • R&D and Technology Exploitation – Advising technology start-ups on establishment and the protection and exploitation of intangible assets. Complex research and development joint ventures, software development, contract research, research collaborations and consultancies.
  • Data – Data analytics agreements and advice including negotiating and advising on data ownership, transfer, storage, security and analysis.
  • Cybersecurity – Advising on security standards and contractual measures to address data security and breaches.
  • Privacy – Broad privacy advice including drafting privacy policies and procedures, advising on regulatory developments in State and Federal jurisdictions and advising on the transfer, retention or unauthorised release of personal information.
  • Intellectual Property – Advising on trade marks, copyright, patents and other forms of intellectual property including registration, enforcement and exploitation.


For advice on all Technology and Intellectual Property issues please contact:

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