As one of the world’s most important exporters of agricultural products and services, the Australian agricultural supply chain attracts significant international interest.

We work with a variety of participants in the agriculture and aquaculture industries, including farming operators, feed suppliers, financiers, agrichemical producers, logistics and transportation companies, wholesalers, distributors and those marketing and retailing agribusiness produce.

Our clients appreciate our comprehensive industry knowledge, our understanding of the political climate it operates in, and our extensive experience in delivering focused commercial solutions to a range of agribusiness related challenges.

We have particular expertise with Aquaculture, which is Australia’s fastest growing primary industry and represents a major opportunity for growth and investment. This sector is complicated, as fishing and aquaculture are founded on the use and development of publicly-owned and government-managed natural resources, giving rise to a range of regulatory and political issues.

We are able to deliver strategies and solutions relating to a wide range of legal and regulatory issues, including:

  • Development, operation and maintenance of infrastructure;
  • Foreign investment options and approvals;
  • Business acquisitions and structuring, vertical integration options;
  • Funding, finance and debt structuring;
  • Supply agreements on both the input and output side of the production cycle;
  • Risk management strategies;
  • Property acquisitions and leasing;
  • Intellectual property and competition law issues;
  • Workplace Health and Safety;
  • Planning and environmental advice; and
  • Dispute resolution.


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