Introducing Page Create

Page Create CM
Page Seager Lawyers is excited to announce the launch of Page Create, our innovative platform for delivering technology solutions that make access to legal knowledge more efficient, accurate and cost effective.

To begin with, Page Create will allow you to prepare high quality documents yourself in minutes. In an Australian first, Page Create will provide free public access to several automated, high volume business agreements.

In addition, whether you are in the legal, finance, procurement, sales or commercial departments of a business, Page Create can tailor a solution that will dramatically improve quality, timeliness and compliance, while driving down costs.

“Page Create came about as a result of us challenging ourselves to create a better way to deliver legal services. The document creation technology that we have launched through Page Create is just the beginning in our pursuit to deliver greater value to clients through innovation. Starting with document creation, we are excited to use Page Create as our platform to continue to explore emerging legal technologies over the long term” said Page Seager Joint Managing Partner, Gerry Connolly.

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Published: 23 August 2017

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