Page Create: creating documents is now even easier!

Following the successful launch of Page Create in August 2017, Page Seager is excited to release a new version of the Page Create platform, with enhanced functionality and an even better user experience.

Page Create is an automated workflow and document creation platform which provides an effective way for lawyers and non-lawyers to quickly produce key business documents with no compromise on quality.

Providing solutions to industry sectors

In conjunction with the release of the latest Page Create update, we have added a Commercial Lease to the suite of templates that can be downloaded for free. This template was developed in response to a need in the local property industry for a more efficient, cost effective process for producing commercial leases.

Page Seager Managing Partner, Gerry Connolly commented:

Unlike a lot of other jurisdictions, there is no standard Tasmanian commercial lease for parties to use. Traditionally, this has led to significant delays in executing leases. In response to this need, we decided to open source our standard commercial lease via the Page Create platform: enabling both other lawyers and non-lawyers alike to produce a quality, compliant leasing document quickly and with confidence.

The Commercial Lease is now one of five documents that can be generated at no cost via the Page Create platform, with more to come in the near future, including a Leasing Suite that includes a Retail Tenancy Code compliant Lease and Disclosure Statement, Deed of Variation of Lease and Deed of Surrender.

Working with clients

The Page Create team has also been working closely with one of its key clients, Enernet Global, in the renewable energy space.  The challenge was to produce a tailored document solution that enables the Enernet team to produce and manage project documents across the globe.

Enernet Global’s Chief Operating Officer, Simon Gamble commented:

As a global utility company with our team distributed across multiple time zones we were looking for a contracting platform that could provide us with speed, quality assurance and 24/7 accessibility.

The Page Create team have not only provided us with this support but they have built a document workflow platform that delivers a key business process for Enernet Global that is scalable across all our operations.

We can now quickly create project documents with the comfort that they are legally robust, accurate and available to the entire team – this has dramatically cut down on the time spent on our contracting process, enabling us to focus on creating renewable energy solutions for our customers.”

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Published: 20 April 2018

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