Tom Carter

Senior Associate

Areas of expertise

Workers compensation | Compulsory third party | Marine (Protection & indemnity insurance)


Tom works with national insurers to assist them with claims and provides advice in the areas of workers compensation, compulsory third party claims and civil actions. He is focused on providing both comprehensive and accurate advice, with an emphasis on resolving claims as quickly and efficiently as possible. He regularly appears as counsel before the Tasmanian Civil & Administrative Tribunal.

Tom also advises and acts for marine insurers on maritime claims, and is a correspondent for most of the International Group of P&I Clubs.


Examples of recent experience include:

  • providing advice in relation to complex workers’ compensation claims management;
  • providing advice to compulsory third party insurers such as the Motor Accidents Insurance Board;
  • negotiating commercial resolution for compulsory third party insurer, personal injury, and workers compensation claims;
  • assisting in the recovery of statutory benefits from third parties;
  • providing advice to International P&I Club clients regarding a range of maritime related matters, including advice regarding the management and resolution of civil actions against P&I Club members; and
  • success in appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.


Tom is a member of the Australian Insurance Law Association (AILA).


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