State Planning Scheme Update

The Tasmanian State Government has tabled legislation that will enable the creation of a single Statewide planning scheme in order to remove the inconsistency in planning controls that exists between the different municipalities and regions.

While the intent is to maintain the existing controls, and not introduce significant change through this process, given the degree of inconsistency in matters such as permissible lot size, signage and biodiversity controls across the State, it is likely that some areas will be affected by greater change than others.

From experience with the interim schemes we have dealt with for our clients, in some cases, the new standards are not considered in line with key development proposals to ensure that the scheme operates as intended prior to coming into force. This means that developers become test cases for the new scheme and must bear the associated costs and delays to their projects.

Further, despite some informal consultation and the formal notification of the commencement of the interim scheme and invitation to comment, many affected land owners are unaware of the changes to controls that affect plans for their property.

The State Government is working closely with industry representatives and key stakeholders in the development of the Statewide planning scheme.

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