Dispute Resolution Lawyer (Suitable for Graduates)

Closes 24 Mar 2019

Status Closed

We are seeking a lawyer to join our Dispute Resolution team. This position is suitable for graduate lawyers or lawyers with less than 2 years’ experience who wish to start or continue building their career.....


Conveyancing Paralegal

Closes 25 Jan 2019

Status Closed

An opportunity exists for a Conveyancing Paralegal to join our Property group based in Hobart. Applicants must demonstrate experience in the following areas: A sound knowledge of conveyancing practices; The ability to work independently, unsupervised....




At Page Seager our staff are our greatest resource and we have the same approach and respect for them as we do to our clients. Joining Page Seager means becoming part of a team where you are supported, guided and encouraged to grow your knowledge throughout your career.

We provide the tools required to progress in your chosen field and are continuously looking to expand our talent base with passionate people who value relationships with both colleagues and clients.

Career Progression

For practitioners at Page Seager we have a merit based Promotions Policy with clear guidelines and criteria to help you aim for your next promotion. There is no guess work involved to know if you are “ticking the right boxes” in your skill level. Each staff member has a Responsible Partner who meets with them weekly and who will help them develop their skills, technical experience and performance to enable promotion.

It is anticipated that once a lawyer is familiar with the key competencies required for promotion, it will become clear to them whether or not they are ready for promotion.

Promotions are considered annually in April and practitioners are supported by their Responsible Partner in their application.

For support staff we also have career progression opportunities, particularly Office Juniors who are able to undertake a Certificate in Business Administration whilst receiving ‘on the job’ training and support that positions them well should a Personal Assistant opportunity arise at the end of their traineeship.


Page Seager provides opportunities to work on secondment with some of our corporate clients gaining invaluable experience as an “in-house” lawyer. Secondments not only enable a client to deal with staffing challenges that they encounter from time to time, but they also allow our practitioners to better understand our client’s business and commercial objectives, which is essential to the delivery of effective legal solutions.

Secondments are both challenging and rewarding and give our practitioners the opportunity to experience being a lawyer on “the other side of the fence”.

Opportunities can arise for both short term (e.g. 1 month) and longer term (e.g. 3, 6 or 12 month) secondments that are part time or full time, where our practitioners could be one of a number of in-house lawyers or they could in fact be responsible for managing the in-house team as General Counsel.


For all career related enquiries please contact:

Deirdre Boxall

Human Resources Coordinator
Phone: (03) 6235 5172
Mobile: 0417 340 953


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