Construction & Special Risks

Construction projects can open up a minefield of potential risks and legal ramifications. Our clients, including general and specialist insurers, as well as a range of key professionals, rely on our proven capability in this specialist area of insurance.

Clients seek our professional and strategic advice across three broad claims categories:

  1. personal injury claims and associated losses arising from construction projects;
  2. contract works and property damage; and
  3. professional negligence (i.e. principals, contractors, engineers and architects).

Our specialist legal team has a thorough understanding of construction-related insurance, including insurance policy, indemnity, policy coverage, reserving and strategy. Clients appreciate our focused approach that takes into account merits, potential risk and commercial imperatives to bring matters to a swift conclusion wherever possible.

We work with our clients to deliver practical and comprehensive solutions to a range of issues that arise during a project’s life cycle. These include:

  • professional advice and workmanship claims against professionals in the construction industry;
  • legal construction issues such as the nature of the loss and damage, responsibility, causation, quantum and the apportioning of liability;
  • property damage;
  • recovery actions;
  • insurance coverage advice (including double insurance claims);
  • contractual disputes;
  • multi-party claims;
  • business interruption claims; and
  • defence of recovery claims.


For advice on all construction and special risks issues please contact:

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