Workers Compensation

Page Seager’s workers compensation practitioners are aware of the landscape in which our insurance clients, and their customers, operate.

That is why we work with our clients to provide timely, commercial advice and achieve cost-effective, optimal settlements and resolutions at the earliest possible time. Our practitioners are skilled negotiators who work with our clients, and their customers, to achieve excellent results.

We are focused on providing great service and a great customer experience. In addition to representing employers and insurers at various stages in the life of a claim, we partner with our insurer clients and deliver a wide range of value add services which are aimed at providing assistance to claims staff and improving claims outcomes for them and injured workers.

Page Seager has a large and diverse workers compensation, insurance law and personal injury practice, and we act for Australia’s largest insurers and Tasmanian self-insurers. This is in addition to advising and acting for large corporations in Tasmania in respect of insurance claims.

Page Seager’s large and expert team of workers compensation lawyers takes pride in its ability to navigate the complex statutory and common law landscape. Our large team ensures that we have the right people doing the right things at the right time so as to deliver not only timely, but also cost effective advice.

We have developed strong partnerships with large insurers and some of Tasmania’s biggest employers across a range of industries including; energy, mining, supermarkets, education, local government, agriculture, aquaculture, tourism and hospitality, transport and logistics, construction, aged care and support services.

Our clients seek our professional expertise in three critical claims areas:

  • claims for workers compensation statutory entitlements;
  • claims for damages for personal injuries at common law arising out of employment; and
  • recovery of statutory benefits from third parties.

Our expertise allows us to understand what is important to our clients which enables us to develop a clear strategy for achieving their needs and objectives.

Page Seager advises on:

  • strategy, quantum and reserving on all workers compensation claims;
  • conducting and appearing in matters before the TASCAT;
  • disputing claims dealing with foundational entitlement, benefit entitlement and quantum, including termination and reduction of entitlement;
  • managing risk in specialist claims, particularly dust claims (including asbestos and silicosis) and hearing loss;
  • representation in the defence of common law claims;
  • training our clients’ staff; and
  • advising on coverage and indemnity.

We strive to improve our client’s business and their ability to navigate the increasingly complex world of claims management. We do this in the following ways, without cost to our clients:

  • co-working with our clients in their office to provide regular ability for their claims managers to seek immediate advice and discussion on issues;
  • training of new staff in the basics of workers compensation in Tasmania;
  • regular training sessions delivered in-house on topics as identified with our clients;
  • training and “cheat sheets” prepared for employers on common issues such as wage calculations;
  • free short consultations on claims issues for claims managers;
  • integrated advice for employers through our industrial relations specialists so employers don’t have issues “fall through the cracks”; and
  • invitations to industry events extended to claims staff.


For advice on all workers compensation issues please contact:

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