Professional Risks

Claims for alleged unsatisfactory delivery of professional services pose an increasing risk for a wide range of professions. Our specialist team of experienced lawyers works with some of Australia’s largest Professional Indemnity Insurers, delivering focused solutions to a range of professional risk issues.

Clients seek our professional expertise in the following claims areas:

  • civil liability claims against various professionals;
  • thorough and rigorous defence of insurers against unjustified claims; and
  • assistance with professional conduct claims against insured individuals.

Our clients appreciate that we can call on experts in other practice areas who can apply their knowledge in risks that they have written to specific claims. This technical knowledge, combined with our depth of industry knowledge, is invaluable to our underwriters and to the effective management of any litigation.

In addition to our own expertise, we have developed an extensive network of specialist, independent professionals (i.e. assessors, forensic accountants, and medical practitioners) to assist with any claims that may arise.

Clients seek our expertise across a range of professional services:

  • civil liability claims against various professionals including:
    • accountants and financial services;
    • architects and engineers;
    • legal Professionals;
    • real estate professionals; and
    • medical professionals and hospitals.
  • advice on coverage and indemnity disputes including the application of exclusions and insuring clauses;
  • disciplinary and Investigative proceedings;
  • policy wording and indemnity; and
  • staff training.


For advice on all professional risks issues please contact:

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