Construction & infrastructure

We support principals, contractors, sub-contractors, consultants, funders and insurers involved in delivering complex projects across Australia and internationally in a wide range of sectors such as civil and social infrastructure, commercial and industrial building, energy and renewables, resources, technology, aquaculture and marine.

Our clients appreciate our extensive industry knowledge, experience, passion and ability to deliver solutions to their challenging business issues, such as:

  • Project Development – identification of delivery model (such as Construct-only, D&C, Alliance, and PPP), tender process and form of contract;
  • Commercial and Contractual Risk Management – identifying, evaluating and managing the legal and commercial risks of projects;
  • Contract Management – understanding, managing and enforcing the rights, obligations and processes set out in the relevant contracts;
  • Security of Payment – managing cash flow by pursuing unpaid amounts or responding to claims under the relevant security of payment legislation;
  • Contract Issues – such as payment, variations, defects, termination and the impact of changed circumstances, such as unforeseen conditions, changes in law, and delay and disruption;
  • Dispute Resolution – negotiated settlement, alternative dispute resolution, court and arbitration proceedings; and
  • Governance – compliance with relevant laws and regulatory requirements such as probity, employee relations, workplace health & safety, environment, anti-competition, security of payment, and anti-bribery & corruption laws.

Examples of our team’s experience in the construction and infrastructure sector can be found here.


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